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Martial Arts Forms

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KTAEKWONDO - A Korean martial art system developed over 20 centuries ago, is a body exercise designed for unarmed self-defense. It teaches discipline and respect for yourself and others, while raising self-esteem and lowering anxiety. Proper training increases stamina, builds and maintains muscle tone, and channels internal and external energy toward constructive uses.

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KJUDO - A Japanese form of self defense derived from Jujitsu, involving throwing, choking, arm locks, foot sweeps, and ground fighting.

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KCAPOEIRA - (pronounced "Cap-w-eta") A unique style which developed in Angola from a dance, was brought to Brazil over 400 years ago. Under the watchful eye of slave masters, African slaves ingeniously transformed what was once a dance into a martial art. Capoeira combines the grace of song and dance with the precision of attack and defense movements, as well as stunning acrobatics.

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KJU TRAP BOXING - With roots in Small Circle Jujitsu, Ju Trap Boxing also incorporates fundamentals of Boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts into a comprehensive, practical approach to self-defense. Ju Trap Boxing covers all fighting ranges. An emphasis is placed on understanding trapping and locking while moving and transitioning. Techniques are taught as drills that enhance muscle memory, timing, and ease of use.

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KKAJUKENBO - A blend of 5 Asian martial arts forms.

bl_dot.gif - 0.3 KSELF DEFENSE - This includes escape techniques, take downs, submission holds, and power blows.

There are literally hundreds of martial arts forms being taught worldwide.
Rather than teaching just one martial art form, we believe our students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that includes offensive and defensive forms, some with weapons, some without. Some of our students study just a single martial art form, while others study several forms.

Our wide range of classes allows us to customize a training program for each individual.

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